I do UX and Product design since 2011. I both lead teams and do work myself. I'm good at understanding people and their needs. I approach the tasks systematically and love complex projects.

I'm experienced in financial, trading, blockchain, educational, and healthcare industries focusing on but not limited to creating B2B, SaaS, and web applications.

Case studies

Regulated Digital Asset Exchange
I've created design from scratch for a product that didn't have any yet
Tokenization Platform
As design lead I've managed team and created design of a tokenization platform for a multinational startup
Referral Programs Service
As individual contributor I've designed well-scaling MVP for a tech startup in a couple of months


Katie Carter

FinTech Product Management I Digital Assets I Commodities I Risk & Data Management

I worked closely with Andy on the design of a complex FinTech product. One of Andy's greatest strengths is his collaborative approach to design. Andy actively seeks feedback, listens attentively to stakeholders' needs, and effectively incorporates suggestions into designs. Andy is a valuable team player who contributes innovative ideas and solutions to enhance the overall user experience.

Ely Tolen

Actively Managed ETFs | AMCs | SMAs | Fintech | Speaker

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Andy for any role in the UX product design field. Andy's leadership and expertise are evident in his ability to manage distributed teams effectively while tailoring designs to diverse cultures. He maintains a strong focus on delivering smooth user experiences and visually appealing interfaces.

Andy's organizational skills are exceptional, allowing him to lead complex projects with ease and ensure that all aspects are managed efficiently. His attentive listening skills ensure that client and team needs are always understood and addressed.

Additionally, Andy's design abilities are top-notch, with a keen eye for aesthetics and the ability to bring concepts to life effectively.

Overall, Andy is a highly skilled and professional individual who would be an asset and leader to any team in the UX product design field.

Max Votek

Managing Partner at Customertimes

Ihave had the pleasure of working with Andy Derbenev in his capacity as a Manager and Team Lead at Customertimes, and I am thoroughly impressed by his exceptional leadership and managerial skills. Andy has a unique ability to streamline operations, enhancing the productivity and creativity of the design team.

Under Andy's leadership, the design department consistently delivered high-quality projects on time, reflecting his knack for fostering a collaborative and efficient work environment. His strategic approach to project management enabled the team to focus on innovation while meeting the tight deadlines that our industry demands.

Andy also excelled in client relations, especially with major accounts like Abbott and Takeda. He demonstrated a profound understanding of client needs, translating complex briefs into actionable strategies for the team. His communication skills and professionalism ensured that our clients were not just satisfied but also engaged throughout the project lifecycle, resulting in long-term partnerships and repeat business.

Internally, Andy was adept at cross-functional collaboration, working seamlessly with marketing, sales, and product development teams to ensure alignment with the company's goals. This holistic approach significantly contributed to the cohesive brand identity and success of our product launches.

One of the notable achievements under Andy's leadership was the successful implementation of a complex project for Abbott, which not only met but exceeded our strategic objectives, driving growth and enhancing our market position.In conclusion, Andy Derbenev is a dynamic and forward-thinking leader whose impact on our team and company has been profoundly positive. I am confident that he will bring the same level of excellence and commitment to any future role. I wholeheartedly recommend Andy for any managerial or leadership position.